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About LiveBold

We’re a team of people with multi-faceted – but highly specialized – backgrounds in technology, strategy, events, branding and product development. If you can dream it, we can help you bring it to life.

LiveBold is a creative THINK and DO consulting agency hell-bent on changing the landscape of creativity for companies and individuals. In fact, if you are looking for the average consulting approach, we probably are not the right fit for you.

Our intention is to empower you to take a step back, identify the goal and execute the plan. Our approach is entrepreneurial because we believe in innovation. Whether you are building your personal brand or extending your business brand, we help you to engage your audience with the right message, in the right medium, at the right moment.

WE LISTEN FIRST: Most agencies have seen it all and believe they know it all. Frankly, we’ve seen a lot but we know enough to understand that every client is a unique entity with a special set of needs. We take time to listen to you so we can deliver exactly what you need.

WE TAKE THE JOURNEY WITH YOU: Building or refreshing a personal or corporate brand, product or service can be daunting, even if you’ve been in business for a while. We collaborate and guide you through the process offering that gentle push along the way to help you go from good to great.

DELIVERABLES ARE CLEAR: We don’t talk process, we talk results. We are transparent in our deliverables, so you’ll know what we’re thinking every step of the way.

WE BELIEVE IN “EXTRAORDINARY: We believe “living bold” is a mantra and we infuse that into every step of our creative and strategic thinking. We help you, your business and your brand to aim for the impossible. If that makes you uncomfortable – good! That’s where genius lies…

If you do what you've done before, you'll get the same results.

But why WOULD you?

Our Services

We provide consultation and support for all manner of creative undertakings. Whether you’re looking to refresh your current business and brand OR beginning a new endeavor and aren’t sure how to proceed - we harness our team of experts to assist in guiding, editing, refining and executing your ideas.


Analysis & Strategy

Strategy Development
Brand Development & Adaptation
Brand Management
Product Development


Design & Creative

Corporate Identity Development
Artist Brand Development
Artist Management
Product & Packaging Design
Logo Development


Marketing & Communication

Integrated Digital Marketing
Brand Awareness
Event Planning
Social Media Management
Marketing ROI Analysis

Who We Are

LiveBold harnesses a network of amazing talent across an array of skill sets. Our in-house team guides these experts and your process to make sure the experience is seamless. Meet your experienced leaders:


Vunzai Yeazel

Vunzai Yeazel, founder of LiveBold Consulting, was born in America and raised as a child in Zimbabwe. Vunzai views the world through a panoramic lens…(read more)


Eric Barker

As a Principal Consultant at LiveBold Consulting, Eric brings his substantial (11 years) of creative experience; specializing in digital services and culinary innovation…(read more)


AJ Stouffer

Don’t let the handsome face fool you. AJ means business. As our Assistant Creative Director, he will go above and beyond to make sure our clients and staff have the most…(read more)


Sanchita Gandhi

Sanchita is an experienced, analytical, and relationship driven digital marketing strategist and has an in depth knowledge of SEM…(read more)


We Collaborate

The LiveBold team will work with you to frame the problem to ensure we are solving the right challenge. We are flexible and adaptive to fit your need. We run projects with small, focused teams of experts that integrate with clients throughout the creative process. Don’t worry; your comfort and satisfaction are our priority.

We Deliver Distinctive Design

No matter the ask, our dedication to the highest quality of design remains constant, in both our thinking and the final work. Whether it’s an original logo and identity package, refresh of a current brand or an event to promote your business, we are dedicated to the details delivering both beautiful form and function.

We Harness Revolutionary Thinking

Every business or personal success starts with the right mindset. Innovation requires taking chances. At LiveBold, our team will help you determine the end goal and guide you through a strategic think and do process that empowers you to move from ordinary to exceptional. The details matter and so does a well-conceived plan. We help you see the forest from the trees.

We Encourage A Starter Frame Of Mind

All businesses and personal brands are born out of an entrepreneurial spirit. The desire to build something from nothing is a powerful notion. Whether you are at the starting line or have been in the race a while and need a refreshed perspective, working with entrepreneurs is our passion. As such, we engage lean business thinking with a consumer-centric focus and challenge you to disrupt your current practices. Only then can you be and stay competitive.

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